At the core I am an artist and creative. I have learned through my years as a working musician that it takes a wide variety of trades and a certain business mind to nurture a career in the arts. My knowledge, talents, and skillset grew out of necessity. I have earned every bit that I learned. Those who work with me know me to be passionate and efficient in everything I take on.

Music was always a theme in my life that crescendoed from an adolescent fascination with sound to a sophisticated passion to create. I discovered my talent as a teenager and was propelled into the world of music. At 16 I picked up the guitar, by the time I was 18 I started my first band, produced an EP, and began teaching music lessons. Since the age of 20 I have been working full time as a musician.

Nurturing my technique in San Diego exposed me to a wide variety of genres and musical tastes. I learned the blues from a vagrant war veteran, studied Afro-beat under a strict Congolese band leader, I have analyzed hundreds of songs and music books as a teacher, won an award for San Diego’s best rock band, and toured the western United States with my band, The Routine.

Sound and sight have always been connected to me. Every key has a color, every phrase paints an image. When I was a kid I would listen to the original Star Wars soundtrack, close my eyes, and watch the movie play out in my mind. Some of my favorite songs I first discovered in movies, surf films, and TV shows.

Writing music has always come naturally to me. All my of projects have revolved around original creations. Whether a simple chord or single note, I ask the music where it wants to go and let the song take its journey. I like to find the simple and honest qualities of a theme and allow them grow and breathe. While I am rooted in the purist traditional roots of music, I love the evolution of sound.